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The Schützenkameraden - Our Traditional German Shooters Club

The Teutonia Schützenkameraden was formed in 1997.  It revolves around our annual Schützenfest or marksman's festival.  The Schützenfest is a very old and popular event in cities and villages of German-speaking countries.  The custom grew out of feudal lords requiring those living under their domain to practice their marksmanship.  This evolved into the competition / festival that we recognize today.

Our Schützenfest is a competition, but the main goal is to share camaraderie through this tradition.  There are varying skill levels and we have some excellent marksmen, but the goal is to challenge yourself and have fun.  A German-style lunch is provided.  Afterwards we encourage folks to join us for a bier at Teutonia in celebration of a successful day.

There is an awards dinner in November where the honors and prizes are recognized.

Events are shot seated at a bench at 50 yards with a .22 LR rimfire rifle (no .22 mag or centerfire), "post and vee" open sights only (no optics, no slings).  The match rifle category is shot with aperture sights, shooting jacket and arm sling.  With range and target fees, the event can cost as little $20 or as much as $50 per person, depending on what you choose to participate in.

There is a paper target competition and traditional shoots such as the Holzvogel Schießen, a rotating wooden bird shot for prizes and the Scheiben Schießen, a wooden plate depicting marksmanship or hunting themes. The shot closest to the bullseye wins the Scheiben.

Competitions are held at:

Millvale Sportsman’s Club

170 Sunny Hill Rd

Wexford, PA 15090

For additional information please contact Keith Knecht

Gut Schuß,

      Keith Knecht

Teutonia Schützenkameraden,  Keith Knecht 412-670-4312

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