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Pittsburgh Stein Society 

In German-speaking regions beer mugs may be known as:

  • Bierkrug ("beer mug")
  • Maßkrug or Maß (for a one-litre beer mug)
  • Humpen
  • Adlerhumpen, a tall drinking glass sometimes with covers enamelled with the double eagle of the Holy Roman Empire
  • Seidel or Seidla (Franconia, ½ litre). The term Seide is also used by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
  • Schoppen (Palatinate, ½ litre)
  • Keferloher, the traditional (but non-embellished) stoneware beer mug, named after the village of Keferloh near Munich where they were originally produced

   The Pittsburgh Stein Society (PSS) is a local chapter of Stein Collectors International (SCI) and is an official club activity associated with the historic Teutonia Männerchor club, located on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Stein Society is made up of men and women who share in the joy and excitement of collecting beer steins and related items. The purpose of the Pittsburgh Stein Society is to have its members share and broaden their knowledge of antique, as well as contemporary beer steins, and other drinking vessels related to this enjoyable hobby.

   The Pittsburgh Stein Society schedules club meetings five times a year (February, April, June, September and November). Unless otherwise noted, all meetings take place in the Ratskeller of the Teutonia Männerchor club and are held on Saturdays starting at noon. Guest speakers are invited to these meetings to share with our membership their expertise on specific styles, manufacturers, construction, values, and so on, of steins and related items. Stein sales tables are set up at each meeting where purchases can be made at rock bottom prices from individuals who are members of the Pittsburgh Stein Society and who offer great bargains and great value for the many steins on display.  In addition to great bargains on stein prices, interesting guest speakers, and comradery with fellow stein collectors, a fantastic German fare lunch is available at each meeting. All meetings are open to all who wish to attend. Our meetings are casual and always promise to be very informative and enjoyable events.

   Membership to the Pittsburgh Stein Society is open to anyone age 21 or older. Memberships are available at three different price levels; $15.00 for 1 year; $30.00 for 2 years; $40.00 for 3 years.  Dues cover the individual member and his/her partner/spouse living in the same household as the member. Memberships run on an annual basis, starting on the date that the membership application is accepted and membership dues are paid in full.

   So ! …. come, look, listen, learn and hopefully join the Pittsburgh Stein Society.  We look forward to seeing you there. Contacts: For more information about the Pittsburgh Stein Society, please contact Tom Levenson at thomaslevenson@yahoo.comor call 412-596-6363.

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