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The Teutonia Männerchor has several "Clubs within the Club". 

The primary Club is, of course, our Männerchor and Damenchor! We were established as a Club "to support German Choral Singing" and have done so for over 160 years!  To learn more, please click on the link above, or on the Activities submenu.

Other Clubs that are associated with the Teutonia Männerchor are as follows:

  • The Schützen Verein is a shooting Club that shoots .22 rifles (iron open sights and match rifles) in an annual competition in which a Schützenkönig and Schützenkönigin are "crowned".
  • The mission of the Alpen Schuhplattler und Trachten Verien D’ Pittsburgher is to create, educate, and foster among its members a genuine love for Bavarian-Tyrolean traditions and costume. They are based out of the Teutonia and perform Bavarian-Tyrolean dance all around the region.
  • The Pool League shoots pool for practice and competition on Tuesday nights on our 150+ year old pool table. If you are interested in joining the League, please click the link above.
  • We also have a Stein Club at which you can display your Stein collection, learn more about Steins and simply enjoy all things related!

   So, if you would like to learn more about any of the associated Clubs within the Teutonia Männerchor, please go to their webpages by clicking the links above and join in on the fun!!

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